Attorney Jakub Bukartyk
"Nothing is unchangeable but the inherent
and inalienable human rights"
T. Jefferson

Individual client

Meeting the demands of the natural persons, legal support encompasses:

  • 1. Civil law in general terms, including:
    • Obligation law – creating contracts, negotiating contracts, giving deal opinions, seeking damage(s) compensation etc.
    • Family law – divorces, marriage annulations, alimonies, the division of shared estate, establishing or denial of paternity etc.
    • Property law – abolition of joint property, acquisition of ownership by prescription etc.
    • Inheritance law – inheritance purchase certification, inheritance division, legitim cases etc.
  • 2. Penal cases – defence at every stage of proceedings, representation of the injured party, private accusation acts, notions for redressing harm, appeals, complaints, revocations, notions to reopen proceedings, executor proceedings – notions to adjourn, notions for penalty breaks, notions for an early release from prison etc.
  • 3. Labour law cases – creating contracts, regulations, legal representation
  • 4. Administrative cases – representation in administrative proceedings, Administration Court representation,
  • 5. Legal advice.
Adwokat Bukartyk Tarnów
Adwokat Bukartyk Tarnów